Who We Can Help

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Therapy services include traditional office therapy, as well as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Either of these services can be chosen for your counseling needs. These solution-focused methods have helped:

  • Clients with Depression experience true happiness, not just temporary relief from pain.
  • Clients with Anxiety learn to cultivate peace of mind, rather than just calming down.
  • Clients with Relationship problems (codependency, boundaries, unhealthy communication) develop and maintain meaningful relationships.
  • Clients with Guilt and Shame learn to truly come to peace with themselves and others.
  • Clients with Addiction, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm and other dependency problems are made whole by following the 12 Step Model.
  • Clients with Self-Esteem issues find meaning and purpose.
  • Clients with Anger Problems find serenity, acceptance, and learn to manage feelings appropriately.
  • Clients with Emotional Baggage learn to heal and let go rather than stuffing the issues.
  • Clients struggling Spiritually can learn to develop a personal loving relationship with God and allow Him to work in their lives.
  • Clients with past Trauma and Abuse learn to find healing, freedom, and move to forgiveness.

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