About Our “Staff”

Kross Fire is blessed to have an incredible growing staff. We have two part time Equine Specialists and five equine staff in the herd.


A Detail to Remember,” is a 13 year old Appendix gelding by a son of Last Detail.  He was rescued as a 2 year old. He has shown in Quarter Horse, open and 4-H shows. He is the “tattle tale” for lessons as he does not do what is asked unless asked correctly. He is a large part of the EAP.


Mr Breezy Jr,” is a 24 year old ranch horse and roping Quarter Horse gelding. He is the rock who knows his job in the roping arena, beginner lessons, and therapy.



BW”  A former mountain trail horse, he has been such a great addition! He is a 20 year old paint gelding who is great with both the relationship and mounted activities.



“Romeo” is our newest family member. He is 18 years old and has “been there done that.” He has assimilated into our lives so well and appears to love his new job as a therapy horse.




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