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A Personal Note from Therapist, Krystal Raley

Kross Fire Counseling offers an inspiring opportunity for individuals to find empowerment and healing through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). The power of horses has provided a remarkable journey for me to finding healing and hope. Through a personal relationship with God, therapeutic interactions with horses, and a journey of self-discovery, I have overcome personal struggles, and it has now become my passion to help others find that same freedom. God has provided me with a belief and faith for a beautiful future and horses have led me to personal victories. My goal is to provide the opportunity for others to find the same chance for recovery.

It is extremely exciting to offer counseling services using horses as co-therapists. Unlike human therapists, horses have the ability to show our strengths and weaknesses, patterns, and beliefs much more quickly than in traditional therapy sessions, while being unbiased and non-threatening. You do not have to be a “horse person” in order to participate. In fact, anyone can benefit from these sessions. They are not based on horsemanship, riding, or training horses, but are mostly ground work activities that allow our core thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to be uncovered and explored.
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*** Krystal Raley ***


Krystal won Hunt Seat Equitation at the Quarter Horse Congress; in the same year, won 5th in Western Horsemanship, 10th in Showmanship at Halter, and Reserve All-Around Novice Youth. She has won dozens of “All-Arounds” at horse shows, qualified for the AQHYA World Show, and was in the top 25 in Western Horsemanship and English Equitation.

Krystal has worked with Tom and Leslie Lange, Mark Sheridan, and Bill Bormes, which she has assisted in training several World Champion horses and giving lessons to World Champion competitors. She qualified “He’s Got the Luke” for the World Show in Jr. Hunter Under Saddle.

Recently, her clients won High Point Novice Youth in the Wyoming Quarter Horse Association, High Point Senior at Sheridan County 4-H, and High Point Junior at Sheridan County 4-H. In addition, those clients received numerous Championships and Top 10 awards at the Wyoming State Fair.

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Krystal received her M.A. Sport-Exercise Psychology from Argosy University-Phoenix in 2005 and interned under Barbra Schulte of “Mentally Tough Riding.” She became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2007. She has worked at numerous residential facilities and worked with adolescents, men and women, specializing in addiction (using the 12 Step Model) and mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, Autism, and Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Krystal’s professional experience lays in helping her clients heal from past experiences to find freedom from their self-destruction. Her philosophy is not about superficial healing or quick fixes. Her desire is to guide clients in exploring how their thinking and feeling affects their behaviors and then learn to change those core beliefs to find meaning and fulfillment in order to have lasting relief and permanent solutions.

Katie Christopherson, LPC

Katie joined our team summer of 2018. She is trained in EMDR and EAGALA.

Personal Note from Katie

I was blessed with the perfect place for me to restart my journey as a counselor in Wyoming. If you haven’t met Krystal Raley yet then you are missing out. She has built an amazing business for people in the Sheridan area as a horse trainer, riding coach, and counselor. I’m proud to say I get to continue practicing as a counselor here and look forward to seeing it continue to grow in its ability to serve people.

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